Sunday, August 4, 2013


For the first time I am organised enough to be able to play!!
Tried to get this posted yesterday but the day was consumed by family doings.

This is what I made on Friday night.
Lots and lots of secret message pockets.  100 of them.  The still need the buttons added.
These are for the next batch of comfort bears that I will be sewing up today.

This is my favorite feel good project.

Have fun doing what ever you do.


  1. hi bloggy friend hehe Karen your pretty amazing the comfort bears will look amazing ! plus it's always nice knowing what you are sewing helps others out.big hugs xoxox..

  2. So nice to see you back blogging Karen, and some lovely progress you've made on a very 'feel good' project.

  3. what a lovely lady you are Karen,lovely project.xx

  4. 100 pockets!! Wow!! When you sew you really get sewing!!

  5. you did have a busy night..

  6. So good that you were able to join in!!


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