Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After all sorts of electronic type dramas, husbeast has accepted that these cute little tablets will not do the same thing as a proper computer, no matter how many apps are downloaded and tried.  I still love my little tablet for reading and searching the net from any where I happen to be etc but I am so happy I can now get at my photos and files but not so happy that I have to deal with Windows 8 which is the biggest pain ever.  Brilliant on mobile devices, not so much joy on laptops or desktops.
Any way this is just a quickie update to make sure that all that I need is on this one and working.
Yay.  Woot Woot!
Lots and lots of posts to follow as I catch up on swaps and stuff.
Hello world, how ya doin'?


  1. Spooky, I was thinking about you today wondering how you've been. Great to hear you're still there. I think tablets are like magazines, fabulous to hold and flick through to look and pictures and articles, but they're not like computers.

  2. Great to see it all falling into place.


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