Monday, March 11, 2013

Red, yellow and orange

Three colours my sister in law loves.
Add cream as the contrast.

Mum decided way back before Christmas, that she wanted to make my SiL a quilt of her own for her birthday in the second week of May (this year).  Mum has a very measured pace when quilting so a style that was quick to put together and simple to lay out was required.  My friend Judy at Virtual Quilter showed me and the rest of her followers (you should check out her blog, it is has the most amazing, drool worthy virtual quilts) the possibilities of half square triangles as a whole quilt forever ago and it is my fall back idea when time is in short supply.  A session with EQ and a myriad of choices where printed and mailed off to Mum.

This was just a few of the possibilities I sent to her.  It really is an almost never ending variety with just HST's.  Well no decision was made until a couple of weeks ago when Mum and Dad arrived for the weekend.  It was a very good thing that I had already cut out heaps of squares in preparation for the flurry of activity that I knew would happen.

They look good but the combination really screams hot, on fire to me.  Made me feel hot just looking at the blocks on the wall.  This was the first run of a pattern.  That is an A4 bit of paper pinned to the blocks.

I now need to finish trimming them down to size and then figuring out how to number them so that they get sewn together in the right order.  Finishing the quilt is Mum's job from here on and she has less space than I do so a design wall of any size is out of the question.  I only have a week to figure out an answer.
Oh and just in case you were wondering what the quilt should look like when finished, this is an EQ version.
Big enough for their queen sized bed and then some at 102 inches square.  Blocks are 9 inches finished.
These are the blocks in real life on my wall.  Do they make you feel hot too?

On to the next catch up post.  (you gotta be sick of these by now)
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.  I am.


  1. I love how this quilt is looking! The time you'd need a big warm quilt is usually winter so it will be good that it looks hot then. I have a quilt that I can only use in summer because it looks cold. Funny isn't it. Ps you're very good at EQ!!

  2. A quilt is usually meant to keep people warm, so the hot colours are not a problem ... it will be fine when the weather cools down.
    At the moment all we are using are white sheets and the warm coloured quilts have all been banished to the spare bedroom.
    And the EQ designs are great! My favourite is the one with the pinwheels.

  3. What a beautiful quilt. How clever to do it virtually first. Great warm colours.


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