Monday, February 4, 2013

Finishes and Starts

Finishes: Well, both current swaps are done and one is on its way across the water is all I will say.  The other will be going out tomorrow.
Love both the things I made after a false start or two on one of them, it all sorted its self out.  Cant show either of them to you just yet.
Starts sort of.  I have a friend who has inspired me from the first day I found her blog.  There is always so much colour and fun and freedom in the quilts she creates.  I am, of course, talking about the awesome Rachaeldaisy .  It really is worth the trip to visit her blog, apart from awesome quilts, she takes the most amazing photos.  Mind you it does help that she lives in one of the most beautiful places in this country and uses this as the back drop to some of her photos.   The magical Blue Mountains.
I so want to quilt like she does but I know I will never achieve that level of freedom.  I am going to start though, by jumping on the scrappy around the world quilt bandwagon.  They have appeared almost every where.  I may be a little late to the party but who cares.  I will start with these jelly rolls that have been living in the storage box for years.
It is a good way to start reducing the amount of fabric that is stockpiled on my shelves and and easy way of learning to let go of the controlling matchy matchy colour/tone that is my biggest hurdle.  Will add some not the same fabric from the shelf to these jelly rolls.  Around the World is a simple form of Bargello.  Which reminds me.  I have some place mats and a runner to finish from way back here.

I am also cutting out heaps (440 to be exact, half of them cream) of 9 inch squares for Mum from these gorgeous autumn fabrics.    She has decided that she will attempt to get a half square triangle quilt done for my sister in law's birthday in May.

She has plans for another quilt with the left over half square triangles.  Not certain about the greens yet.  They may not make it into the first quilt.  The cream is the contrast for the quilt.  The hardest part will be for her to settle on a pattern.  I have shown her hundreds of variations and she has settled on half a dozen.  I guess it's time to dig out the design wall again. She can play to her hearts content then.

Oh there is so much stuff I want to do right now.  On the weekend, I found more stuff I want to do.
What to do what to do what to do.  Finish some little stuff that is hanging around before cutting up more fabric and then put away all the mess I made last week.
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.  I am.


  1. It looks to me like you have some good plans. Good luck with your projects and well done meeting the deadlines for your swaps.

  2. Oh My , Thank you for saying such wonderful things about me and my quilting, I'm so honoured! Your Scrappy Trips are looking great! I love the Autumnal fabrics, they will make a beautiful half square triangle quilt for your Mum to make. I know what you mean about having lots you want to do!!

  3. have fun Karen,the more you try the more freedom you will develope.xx


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