Sunday, August 4, 2013


For the first time I am organised enough to be able to play!!
Tried to get this posted yesterday but the day was consumed by family doings.

This is what I made on Friday night.
Lots and lots of secret message pockets.  100 of them.  The still need the buttons added.
These are for the next batch of comfort bears that I will be sewing up today.

This is my favorite feel good project.

Have fun doing what ever you do.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Most recent swap first

Will catch up on my swaps and things backwards till I am all up to date on everything.  Things might get a little confusing.

This one is Cheryll's Christmas in July swap.  My send to partner was Christine from Macdonald's Patch.
I had a peruse of Christine's blog to get an idea of what she liked and pretty much settled on what I sent straight away.  Most unlike me.  I usually flip flop from one thing to another until the end.
What I made for Christine was a set of 6 Heart shaped Christmas ornaments

One Gorgeous Reindeer (that I really liked and wanted to keep, will be making more of these)

and this wall hanging.  Love the way it turned out and I think Christine was happy with it.
 I actually remembered the label for the back.

Included some pretty glass candle holders with candles and the secret stash of chocs and wrapped it all up in candy cane fabric.   Christine has some wonderful pics on her blog too.

Now onto what I received from Pat at Club Quilt Narromine.  If you have never visited this blog you really should.  There is so much happening and it is so inspirational.
I didnt get to open mine on the 25th.  Too much going on at the time but boy was it so worth the extra 2 days wait.
I was totally spoiled rotten and I still have a grin.
The bag all the gifts were wrapped in.  It is brilliantly useful and I love the size and print.  It is now being used to hold all my Christmas soft stuff (runners, wall hangings etc)
 Inside the bag.  How exciting does that look.

Everything was wrapped in lovely paper and tied with baubles and it was so much fun to open each gift.

Next is this amazing woven heart wall hanging.  I am in awe of how perfect the weave is and the colours are perfect.  It came with a handmade star hanger that I had it hanging on to view and completely forgot to take a pic of it hanging.

Second gift to open is this simply wonderful bag.  The stitchery is just perfect and right now it is just sitting on my sideboard so that I can admire it and think how lucky am I.

This gorgeous stitchery from Crabapple Hill Studio is now on my gunnado list.

My last gift to open was this gorgeous runner.  Hubby even gave it a wow and that was before he got a closer look at it.

This super cute snowman braid was in with the runner.

There also chocs, added to each and pretty red rose soaps in a heart shaped box and so many extra baubles and mini bonbons and candy canes.  I spent ages just going over everything and loving every single thing I received.   I cant wait for Christmas to arrive this year so that I can use all my gorgeous gifts.

Thank you so much Pat.  You are an awesome swap partner.
Thank you Cheryll for being such a brilliant swap mum.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After all sorts of electronic type dramas, husbeast has accepted that these cute little tablets will not do the same thing as a proper computer, no matter how many apps are downloaded and tried.  I still love my little tablet for reading and searching the net from any where I happen to be etc but I am so happy I can now get at my photos and files but not so happy that I have to deal with Windows 8 which is the biggest pain ever.  Brilliant on mobile devices, not so much joy on laptops or desktops.
Any way this is just a quickie update to make sure that all that I need is on this one and working.
Yay.  Woot Woot!
Lots and lots of posts to follow as I catch up on swaps and stuff.
Hello world, how ya doin'?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I should label this "I ain't dead!"
I am trying to get to grips with a completely wireless connection.  The desktop finally breathed its last a month ago and we have spent the time deciding what direction to go in.
I have been hauled into the twentifirst century and am now the proud? owner of a tablet.  This is my only form of internet connection and as I have never owned a 'modern' mobile phone ,I have a lot of catching up to do.  This thing does things so differently it is doing my head in.

So I have no pictures to share as I haven't figured out how to add them yet, but I do have a lot of pics all the way back from Easter.
Expect some random rubbish to show up occasionally while I learn how to drive this thing.

I am trying to have fun.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Red, yellow and orange

Three colours my sister in law loves.
Add cream as the contrast.

Mum decided way back before Christmas, that she wanted to make my SiL a quilt of her own for her birthday in the second week of May (this year).  Mum has a very measured pace when quilting so a style that was quick to put together and simple to lay out was required.  My friend Judy at Virtual Quilter showed me and the rest of her followers (you should check out her blog, it is has the most amazing, drool worthy virtual quilts) the possibilities of half square triangles as a whole quilt forever ago and it is my fall back idea when time is in short supply.  A session with EQ and a myriad of choices where printed and mailed off to Mum.

This was just a few of the possibilities I sent to her.  It really is an almost never ending variety with just HST's.  Well no decision was made until a couple of weeks ago when Mum and Dad arrived for the weekend.  It was a very good thing that I had already cut out heaps of squares in preparation for the flurry of activity that I knew would happen.

They look good but the combination really screams hot, on fire to me.  Made me feel hot just looking at the blocks on the wall.  This was the first run of a pattern.  That is an A4 bit of paper pinned to the blocks.

I now need to finish trimming them down to size and then figuring out how to number them so that they get sewn together in the right order.  Finishing the quilt is Mum's job from here on and she has less space than I do so a design wall of any size is out of the question.  I only have a week to figure out an answer.
Oh and just in case you were wondering what the quilt should look like when finished, this is an EQ version.
Big enough for their queen sized bed and then some at 102 inches square.  Blocks are 9 inches finished.
These are the blocks in real life on my wall.  Do they make you feel hot too?

On to the next catch up post.  (you gotta be sick of these by now)
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.  I am.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Round and round

we go.
Remember these I showed you a few weeks ago.  My first attempt at letting go and just doing.  No agonizing over colour placement or pattern.

Well they have had a transformation.

Starting with this

then this

some of this

Until we get this.  It is random with a pattern.  How is that for confusing.  Can you spot the pattern?
And finally a finished quilt top.
Folded and waiting for cooler weather for its backing.

This has been claimed already.  Well it got claimed when the first four blocks went on the design wall.  I was so shocked I didnt even object, although I have questioned since but PSM has laid claim to this quilt.  I would never ever have picked this for him at any time  but he says its calming and soothing to look at.  I do seriously wonder about my husbeast sometimes.  Really?  Calming?  Soothing?  I decided for my own sake not to question his choice any further so now all I have to do is wait for the weather to cool down somewhat as he wants a fleece backing on it instead of batting and a cotton back.  How on earth do you quilt fleece so that it doesnt stretch.  I might just get totally lazy and tie it together.  Needs some thought.
On to the next catch up.  Are you sick of them yet?

Have fun doing what ever you are doing.  I am.  (looking for quilt patterns for the lounge room)